#OneLineWednesday | Bethany and the Belfry Bat

“What could be more clear than stating that you have a bat in your belfry?”


Some years ago – back before I moved to California, so pre-2003 – I stumbled across a contest for children’s play and decided to write one. Never mind I’d never written anything for children before.

I didn’t finish the script in enough time to submit it to the contest – I don’t even remember who put on the contest, but I think it was a university somewhere in the States – actually it took me years to tweak enough to consider it close to done.

That was late in 2008, when I submitted it to David Blyth, a film director out of New Zealand who I met while working on my masters in Scotland. He was kind enough to give me feedback, but he didn’t express any interest in doing anything with it. I re-submitted it to a playscript company in 2012 after making a few requested changes, but they ultimately declined to pick it up.

And so this is the year I’ve decided to work on getting – at the very least – a stage read done, so I can further tighten the script and make any changes. And maybe, just maybe, I can get a company to pick it up for publishing and perhaps start seeing some productions.

If you – or anyone you know – are looking for a Gothic-esque, fairy tale children’s play suitable for elementary school audiences to produce, check out the basics. If you’re interested, send a message through the contact page for more information.

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