February 12

#YoursTruly Now Available for Pre-Order!

They say the third time is the charm, and I’m pleased as all get-out to announce that Yours Truly has a release date and that it’s currently available for pre-order.

So, mark your calendars for March 3rd and take your bad selves over to Amazon (or click on the cover image) and pre-order your copy.

Yours Truly hasn’t yet appeared on Barnes and Noble, but the ebook is also available for pre-order on BookStrand and Kobo. I haven’t seen it listed anywhere else yet, but let me know if you see it available on other sites.

For those of you who’ve purchased previous versions, thanks so much! There are differences between those and this one – every publisher has their own editing preferences, and The Wild Rose Press is no different that regard – so don’t be shy about ordering the most a copy if you wanted an updated version.

Thanks so much for all your support, and y’all have a happy Sunday!



February 23

#YoursTruly Updates and Cover Reveal

Since we last left off, the fate of From Poe to Know was hanging in the balance. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that fraught with peril, but I hadn’t decided whether to re-self publish it or go with another publisher. I shopped it, but until I had the contract in hand, I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I am pleased to announce, however, that the novel has a home with The Wild Rose Press, and is currently in the midst of the editing process.

I don’t have a release date as of yet, but I can give you a peek at the new cover, created by the fabulous Debbie Taylor.

Without further ado, I give you Yours Truly


October 8

I Stand with Vin or The Struggle Continues…

Vin Diesel
This morning my Facebook Trending feed showed me a headline that set the butterflies to goofing off:

Vin Diesel: Actor Appears in Shirtless Photo during Vacation in Florida

I’m sad to say I didn’t hesitate to click on it—I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a picture of Vin Diesel shirtless? Plus, he’s in Florida; I’m in Florida… I typically don’t go for the super buff in terms of what I’m attracted to, but he’s bald, and that is right up my alley.

Only his being shirtless wasn’t the point of the “article”—the author (whoever that may be, I didn’t stay long enough to get the name) chose to focus on his out of shape appearance.

Of course with celebrity a certain amount of public attention goes with the territory, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand the lengths the rag mags on or offline will go to in order to tear someone down. And I don’t need to read the comments to know there are plenty in the public who’ll take the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon too.

When I started writing Yours Truly, Cardwell B. (aka From Poe to Know) it was because of my supercrush on Benedict Cumberbatch. But as the story went on, I started thinking about what life must be like for those whose celebrity status means constant interaction with the paparazzi and what it would mean for anyone in the periphery. Love celebrities or hate them, I think we all sometimes forget they’re real people with real lives and real loved ones who are impacted by this kind of crap.

I don’t know Vin, don’t really know anything about him besides his movies (some of which I’ve enjoyed) and he sure as hell doesn’t need me to defend him, but surely his hard work and smarts (he wouldn’t be at his level of celebrity—regardless of what one thinks about the profession—without either one) what he’s done is worth more than this.

August 31

There’s No Stopping Changes…

Unfortunately, I found out today that Secret Cravings Publishing, the fantastic publisher who picked up From Poe to Know, has decided to close its doors. Starting tomorrow, From Poe to Know will no longer be available for purchase from any online retailers. While I wasn’t with SCP particularly long as an author, I’m proud to have been part of the crew for the better part of the past year. I met some fantastic people and learned a ton in the process.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I’ll be once again releasing the novel under its original title – Yours Truly, Cardwell B. – as soon as the rights revert back to me, hopefully by the end of the first week of September. It will be the same book as From Poe to Know, so those of you who purchased the ebook of the original version should be notified that an updated copy is available once I get everything uploaded. At least I think that’s how that works.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it on Amazon only for a while or if I’ll go ahead and release it on other sites too. That’s on my list of things to figure out once the dust settles a bit.

I want to publicly thank everyone at Secret Cravings Publishing – including my fellow authors – for all their hard work and the helping hand they’ve extended during my time with them. They consistently went above and beyond to help, answer questions, and offer an insane amount of support. And I hope you’ll join me in wishing the other SCP authors well as they adjust to the changes, as well.

There will be updates here at the site to accommodate the recent changes, so pardon any dust flying around.

Thank you for your support!

K.J. Pierce