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Morning Music Memories – Wenn ich Wollte by @SELIGmusik

“Wenn ich Wollte” by Selig is a song I discovered the last time I went to Germany in 1994 -an elopement trip to marry Army man (a marriage that, thankfully, didn’t happen) which was a year after the death of the man I should have married (who was German and whose mom I got a chance to see while I was there).

I was in my room at the Gaesthaus with MTV playing in the background, when the video came on. I found the scandal over the naked musicians hilarious, especially in Germany where the naked body isn’t as big of a deal as it seems to be in the States.

Long story short, I tracked down the CD and schlepped it back home three weeks later after my relationship fell apart.

You can find Selig online at their website (it’s in German) and their Facebook page, if you’re interested in hearing more.

I Heart Martin L. Gore

Depeche Mode, Warm Up Delta Machine Tour

Photo by Cyril – CC BY-ND 2.0

I used to be such a music whore – well, I guess I still am, but I’m definitely a long-ass way away from when I’d spend my last dime on music. Books have always been a part of my life, but there was a good 5-6 years starting in my late teens where I can’t remember cracking a book unless I absolutely had to. I was too busy clubbing with the freaks and going to shows with the freaks and just living a crazy, chaotic life. My hearing’s suffered immensely for it, but I have no regrets.

This morning I’m on a Depeche Mode kick, specifically Martin Gore. I love him. I’ve always loved him. I once dated a guy because he had Martin Gore hair. That wasn’t one of my brighter ideas – he was a complete jerkoff – but my taste in men has always been faulty. I love me a good bad boy. The only problem is that they generally didn’t have the heart of gold to offset their jackassery. The two who did invariably stuck me in the friends category. That I wouldn’t change for anything. Unless one of them decided to get off their ass, at which point I’d tackle him round the knees. 🙂

Tangent aside, I haven’t kept up with new music. At all. But here are a few that always find me at the right time to say what I can never manage to put into words without sounding like a complete twit.

Depeche Mode – A Question of Lust

Depeche Mode – Somebody

Martin L. Gore – Motherless Child