January 10

Fractured: essays on love, friendship, and the nightmares in between

Relationships – any kind of relationships – are integral to human existence. Our hearts soar with delight at the hint of first love and lay heavy and broken when the world crashes down. We love, sometimes unrequitedly so, hate when there’s nothing else left, and make stupid decisions because love is, after all, deaf, dumb, and blind.

In this collection of personal essays, author K.J. Pierce reflects on the nature of love, relationships, and emotional attachments, examining not only what others have come to teach her, but her own motivations as well. Sometimes funny, sometimes raw, but always honest, she delves into her pursuit of answers with abandon, relishing those who’ve played an integral part in her life, learning from those who merely pass through, and ultimately realizing that most of the time there are only more questions.

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Here’s What Readers are Saying


~”FRACTURED is a humorous commentary on modern relationships and romance. It’s a sweet, slightly sardonic look at bad relationship choices and why we make them.”


~“I say “clever” to describe Ms. Pierce’s essays … because of the anti-fairytale narrative she applies in bringing us into her world. […] But somehow, in that moment when she seems to get “there”, she somehow always finds herself tragically sitting somewhere along the outer reaches of its circumference. In the final analysis, Ms. Pierce concludes that she may never get “there” and that perhaps her endless search for that special person may be of no fault but her own–but that’s okay: Lover her or hate her, she’s happy with who she is and where she’s at.”

~”K.J. Pierce is a good writer. This short book of essays took me by surprise. How? Because it impressed the hell out of me, and I wasn’t in the mood to be impressed about anything at that time. The Pieces in “Fractured” are open, honest, and courageous…oh, and their language ain’t bad either.”

~”When I first heard about ‘Fractured’, I was intrigued to see how it would turn out. As I began to read it, instantly I could picture myself in these situations because I have been there before. It is down to earth nitty gritty at it’s finest. There is no bollocks pulled to make it a ‘fairy tale’, but a splash of cold water in the form of reality.”

~”This quote taken from her book struck me as profound, “As easy as it is to blame someone else when hurt feelings come into play, it really was irrelevant who was at fault in the demise of my previous relationships, romantic or otherwise. The fact of the matter is that they all had one thing in common: me. I figure that has to mean something.” I agree. And so she begins with herself. Wise indeed. While deeply pensive and introspective, Fractured is also rich in the comic as Ms. Pierce is gifted with a wonderful sense of humor. And that’s a good thing because she’s needed it.”