They Say Not to Blog When You’re in a Bad Mood, but I’m calling Shenanigans

I’ve been trying to blog for months now. Every time I sit down to do so, my mind immediately goes to something to complain about.

In the spirit of complaining, I’m calling shenanigans on the entire month of September and requesting a do-over. At the very end of August I found out my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing, was going under. That was sad to say the least but not insurmountable. I had one book published – other authors had multiple books to decide what to do with, some of them in the double digits. I can’t even imagine. The status of From Poe to Know aka Yours Truly, Cardwell B. is currently pending. I’d originally decided to re-work it and self-publish it again. Then I decided to shop it around, which I am. I haven’t decided what I’m going to ultimately do, but it’s given me a bit of breathing space.

Then the following week my car died—10 days before my final payment. What I thought was a simple fix (read: need a new battery) turned out to be a blown fuse the dealership said was due to the jumper leads being connected improperly (I call shenanigans on that, too. It wasn’t me who jumped it, but everything’s color coded and I was standing right there…) Personally, I think it got hit by lightning (we’d had a couple of really nasty storms right around the time it died) but I don’t have any way to prove it. That was an inexpensive fix, but add a bunch of maintenance to it and nearly $500 later…

Then I got sick the following week with whatever crap has been going around and that knocked me out for the count for about 2 weeks. If snot were worth money, I’d pretty well be rich right about now. It was disgusting. Not only did I feel awful, but I also couldn’t go over and see my awesome nieces and nephews. This put a crimp in everyone’s schedule since I was due to go over to be support person so my brother could take care of some things.

Between the car dying and my getting sick, it was nearly a month before I could make it over. Getting the little ones sick is not an option.

And let’s not talk about the lunar blood moon eclipse—it was fantastic to see at least part of it before it got cloudy, but I swear it threw the universe off. All last week was absolute insanity. Electronics not working properly, internet going out for no apparent reason (I can’t work my day job when the internet goes out), just stupid, stupid things happening (including a Repo guy with the wrong address prowling in the backyard at 3:30 in the morning!)

And the constant barrage of bad has exacerbated my dismal mood. I don’t just mean things like the recent shooting in Oregon. I’m also referring to the constant hatefulness of news story commenters—that’s a sheer amount of ugliness that never seems to stop. And it doesn’t have to be a polarizing article; it could be a feel-good story and people will find something hateful to say. I keep telling myself that I’m going on a news moratorium and will stop reading article comments, but I always find myself getting sucked into both. It’s like watching the proverbial train wreck. I don’t want to watch the carnage, but I simply can’t help myself.

All of this has made me consider why my own attitude has sucked—not just for the past month, if I’m being honest—and what I’m going to do about it.

Stay tuned… I’m formulating a plan. One that won’t be fueled by complaints.

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