Something Old, Something New: Anatomy of an Excuse

Good morning, loves. Yes, it’s been a while – a long while of loving on my nieces and nephews, once again editing Yours Truly for my new publisher (those are almost done, so yay! After 2 previous releases and countless edits, I’m ready to be done with the third…), hateful imaginary friends and despairing the next book would ever get sorted (it still isn’t, but the imaginaries are playing nicer), family squabbles, crappy news on the health front, and a temporary move on account of a house renovation. And and and! Finally finding a long, lost friend who I’ve always adored. <3 <3 <3

In other words… Life. 🙂

Anatomy of an Excuse coverSo, I’m back, and wanted to let you know I’ve released something new – an ebook of Anatomy of an Excuse with both the original flash fiction and the short film script. You can find it on Amazon and Smashwords for the time being, until it filters out to other online retailers.

I wrote the original flash fiction in a pique of annoyance back in 2004 – so it’s kinda sorta based on real life, though not necessarily real events – when I was living in Los Angeles. The script was written ten years later. Two years after that, I’m releasing them both for sale. What can I say? I like to meander…

I’m toying with the idea of releasing Bethany and the Belfry Bat, too, but haven’t decided yet. Might shop it around a bit longer… or do something else fun with it. We’ll see.

Must dash, but whatever the day brings, hope it’s awesome!



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