#ThirteenForThursday with DeeDee Lane


Author DeeDee Lane joins us for the inaugural Thirteen for Thursday


Who was your first book boyfriend/girlfriend?

The Witch of Blackbird Pond – I was in love with every single character in the book and read it dozens of times.

What is the most interesting topic you’ve researched?

The Oregon Trail and all the things that killed the people traveling along the journey

What is your favorite book, song, and/or movie guilty pleasure?

This changes constantly but right now it’s any book by Liane Moriarty

You’re trying to find a brand-new author to read. No recommendations allowed. What’s your decision process?

Getting ready to do this!  I’m going to the RWA website to see who got a Rita award – find out if there’s anyone new to me and give them a try.

What is your non-writing superpower?

Heal the Sick – da da da dahhhhhhhhh!

What are your favorite and least favorite words? (in any language…)

In German there’s a word for that song or rhyme that sticks in your head and you can’t get it out. It translates to something like “worm in your brain” – if I knew the German word that would be least favorite and most favorite.

[K.J. here – I believe the German word you’re looking for is Ohrwurm. 🙂 The German language has the best (and wurst…hahahaha – sorry about that) words!]

If you had to be a human planter, and you had to hold a plant while naked, what kind of plant would you hold and why?

I would hold star gazer lilies – they don’t bloom very often but when they do I would be transported.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A kindergarten teacher

White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?

Milk Chocolate

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

One day I would like to witness a NASA rocket or space shuttle launch that will explore worlds unknown to us at this time.

(K.J. here – I’m hoping the shuttle program gets going again – I’ve always wanted to see a night launch!)

If you could speak a second language, what would it be and why?

Spanish – and I’m working on it. I think it’s important to know a second language to keep a global perspective.

Favorite Olympic (Summer or Winter) sport and why?

Winter – I am hooked on the figure skating competitions

If you ruled your own country, what would you call it, and what would it be known for?

Relaxatheria known for the best beaches in the world.

Bonus Round

What is the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?

When my husband first told me he loved me…never will forget it.

Spiders, friends or foes?

Both when they stay in my garden and I am not in the jungle

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Website: www.deedeelane.com

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Author Bio

DeeDee Lane is a Seattle author and a member of Romance Writers of America. Her mystery scenarios and characters turn up on boat cruises and many corporate and private events around Puget Sound. She and her husband love to go on road trips, especially if there’s time to check out a tinfoil rooster or the largest truck stop in the world. Originally from central Wisconsin, DeeDee was raised on a farm and surrounded with book shelves filled with Louis L’Amour tales and other stories of the West. DeeDee is author of the Slip in Time series including My Mountain Man, My Gambling Man, My Law Man, and My Traveling Man. Also check out an interactive blog DeeDee just started with a group of eight other Wild Rose Press authors: http://novelconcepts1.blogspot.com/.



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9 Responses to #ThirteenForThursday with DeeDee Lane

  1. Great blog, KJ! And I love Liane Moriarty, too, Dee Dee! Good luck with your book!

  2. Love these kind of author interviews. Great way to get to know fellow writers. So much in common! My husband and I do road trips, too. This year we visited your side of the world. Didn’t make it to Seattle, but did visit Roslyn, WA. We’re BIG Northern Exposure fans. 🙂
    Must check out your Slip in Time series!

  3. cb clark says:

    Very interesting interview. Great way to learn more about Dee Dee. Thanks.

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