#ThirteenforThursday with K.J. Pierce aka Your Host :-)


I figured I should probably join the fun, so here’s my very first Thirteen for Thursday. 🙂


What is your favorite book, song, and/or movie guilty pleasure?

Book: The Harry Potter series (I’ve read the series at least 15 times, and each time I read it, I always pick up something I missed all the times before)

Song: Tarzan Boy by Baltimora

Movie: Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part I

You’re trying to find a brand-new author to read. No recommendations allowed. What’s your decision process?

The first thing that typically catches my eye is the spine (assuming I’m in a book store and not shopping online, in which case I typically work from recommendations). If it’s interesting enough, I’ll pick it up and look at the actual cover before reading the synopsis. If that’s piques my interest, then I’ll read the first page of Chapter One. If I want to turn the page (or actually do so), I’ll usually buy the book (or make note of it to buy at a later time).

The one thing that’ll make me not buy a book? If I hate the font/typeset. Particularly if the font is too small and there’s too much crammed onto a page.

You have to move somewhere you’ve never been. Where would you choose to go and why?

I’m going to sort of fudge on this one and say Augsburg, Germany. It’s a fudge because I’ve technically been there – it’s where I was born. We left when I was less than a year old and I’ve never been back. I have zero knowledge about my birthplace, what it’s about, what it’s known for, and I want to go and spend some time, explore it, and validate the connection I feel to it.

What is your non-writing superpower?

I have the distinct ability to make the most mundane comments into something pervy, say the most inappropriate things and an even more inappropriate time, and to crack myself up.

What are your favorite and least favorite words? (in any language…)

Hands down, my favorite word is “Schwanzkaese”. It’s not really a word, that I know of – I smushed two German words together back in the day. I won’t tell you what it means, but Google translate works reasonably well. *snort*

In English, my favorite word is hyperbole – I’m a big fan. 🙂

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done while sober?

Since I’m mostly a teetotaler, with the occasional toe-dipping into beer, everything crazy I’ve done has been while sober. Two instances come immediately to mind – The first – I quit my job and flew out to Germany to go marry a GI. The marriage never happened and I flew back 3 weeks later. He’s the one person I dated who I still want to punch in the face, all these years later, and on account of who I have a great line I haven’t yet found a novel to put it in.

The second instance was the move I made to the west coast on account of a man – long story,  and one I won’t relate here. I did write an essay about it called, “Ten Steps for Befriending a Rockstar or the Gentle Art of Stalking.” He’s still a man I adore beyond measure.

What is your favorite movie quote and why?

I have a couple – “Don’t be saucy with me, Bernaise!” from History of the World Part I and “Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, “I drank what?” from Real Genius

Would you ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Not only no, but hell no. My dad and my brother both did, but not me. Nope. Not ever. I’m hard pressed to even get on an airplane – the last time I flew was in 1994 or 1995. The older I get the less appealing it is to be crammed onto metal tube.

Aside from writing, what different types of jobs have you done?

I’ve worked in any number of fields – real estate, summer camp, nuclear, to name a few – mostly in an administrative capacity. I’ve also worked in retail. My first job was as a Summer Hire when I lived in Germany – I got hired on to work as an admin in the same building my dad worked in. I think I was 14.

My favorite job was working for an import music distributor in the mid-1990s – I ran the shipping department and generally had the best time. The distributor is no longer in business, but I still keep in touch with one of the former owners. He’s awesome!

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I have a distinct memory from when I was maybe around 8 of lying on the grass, looking up at the sky filled with puffy clouds, and day-dreaming about being an Air Force pilot. Where that came from, I have no idea – I was an Army Brat! Obviously, it wasn’t a daydream that stuck with me for very long. Ha!

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

I’d say the Jack the Ripper murders – I’d love to be able to know with certainty who he was, even though I know that most of the appeal of JtR lies in the mystery of not knowing.

If you could speak a second language, what would it be and why?

German. I was fluent at one time, but have lost it to disuse. I also wanted to learn Russian, for some reason, but never got around to it.

Favorite Olympic (Summer or Winter) sport and why?

Gymnastics, hands down, followed by diving. I’m a former competitive gymnast (in high school) and remember watching MaryLou Retton in the 80s and going to see a number of top male gymnasts do an exhibition somewhere in Germany (Brian Babcock and Tim Daggett among them). Diving because it’s kind of close to gymnastics with all the flipping around. J I remember seeing Greg Louganis crack his head on the diving board in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

As far as the Winter games, the only thing I ever watch is the ice skating.

Bonus Round

What is the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?

Really too many to count – I have a knack for completely off-the-wall convos – but I remember having a random conversation about BDSM with customers who came into the lingerie department of the store I worked at in California.

What is one motto or philosophy you consistently live by?

There are three:

  1. Don’t ever hate anyone over something they can’t control. Hate someone because they’re an asshole.
  2. Don’t ever pit your wits against someone who is not on your same level. In other words, don’t bully or otherwise demean anyone who isn’t your intellectual or physical equal or who isn’t on the same level of social status as you, especially for reasons of making yourself feel superior or better about yourself.
  3. Someone else has the right to be offended. By the same token, I have the right not to give a shit.

Author Bio

K.J. Pierce is a jack of all trades. Her interests are varied enough to make this a requirement for a happy existence. Her main goal in life is to understand the human condition, which she explores through various mediums, including fiction, creative nonfiction, and scriptwriting. She sometimes succumbs to itchy-feet syndrome, a holdover from her Army Brat days. As a result, she can sometimes be found bouncing from locale to locale. She earned a BA in English Literature/Creative Writing from Agnes Scott College and a MLitt in The Gothic Imagination from the University of Stirling, Scotland. She puts them to good use by crafting stories that run the gamut in terms of genres, but which always include an exploration of the societal misfit and the darkness which pervades all facets of life, even in the most comic of circumstances.

K.J. currently lives on the east coast of Central Florida with her cat Dorian Gray, who lives up to his name by striving to be the state’s most prolific lizard serial killer. Yours Truly is her first novel.

If you want more random stuff about yours truly, go to the About the Misfit page.

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  1. I love getting to know you through your responses. You’ve had such an interesting life! And I think it would be fun to be a fly on the wall during some of your conversations. 🙂

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