#MondayMorningMusic – Born of Frustration by James

Funny story.

James is one of those bands I kept missing live for years. I was originally going to see them back when they played Lollapalooza, but didn’t get tickets when I heard they weren’t playing because Tim Booth messed up his back. Then they actually played and I’d missed it.

I can’t remember them playing in the states beyond that tour, although I’m sure they did, but when I *finally* saw they were playing the states in 2008, I was stoked – or I would have been, if the date I’d have gone to was while I was aboard the Queen Mary 2 on my way to Scotland for a year.

As luck would have it, though, they played Glasgow that December, and it was perfect timing – just after my classes ended until after the first of the year.

My only regret was forgetting to take my earplugs. The acoustics weren’t all that great and even with all the bodies, there wasn’t much else to soak up some of the sound, and the horns nearly broke my eardrums.

I lived off that one show until I was able to see them play in the States after I came back. I splurged on VIP tickets and took my brother with me. Had a blast at sound check, met some great people, and I got the chance to tell Larry I’d beat him up if he stole my Sharpie.

I say some weird shit when I’m tired and amped at the same time. 🙂

Happy Monday, y’all!


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