#MondayMorningMusic – Every Day is Halloween by Ministry

So, quick post today – mostly because I was out most of the afternoon doing Trick or Treating with the nieces and a nephew (the other nephew missed it this year, unfortunately, but next year I have no doubt he’ll be front and center).

I absolutely adore my nieces and nephews beyond measure, and they always, always set the world to rights, now matter what else is going on or how crappy I’ve felt or how bad of a mood I’ve been in. There’s just something about the hugs and kisses from the littles who haven’t yet been jaded by the shit life sometimes throws at you. Seeing the world through eyes that experience everything around them as new is the ultimate panacea for what ails.

Like the wee ones now, one of the go-to songs back in the day when I was feeling rather angsty and particularly outcasty was Ministry’s “Every Day is Halloween”. I hadn’t listened to the song in years, and stumbled across it today while doing something else.

If nothing else, ’tis the season. 🙂

Happy Halloween, y’all. What’s everyone dressing up as this year?

As a bonus, I fell over this cover version by Endless Sunder… what do you think? Worthy of the original?

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