#ThreeForThursday | News That Made Me Trip

With so much crap being slung across the airwaves, I’ve made it a goal to share some interesting articles I stumbled upon (aka News that Make Me Trip) during my internet travels. They might be happy or sad or upbeat or not, but it’s about time we all start feeling something other than ire.

  1. Nothing says “I Salute You, H.G. Wells!” than a commemorative coin – and playing spot the errors.
  2. Sad News out of the Tower of London (I’ve been lucky to visit twice!) – Raven Merlina has gone missing
  3. And while we’re on the subject of ravens – did you know that someone once took me to task because I had a raven speak in Yours Truly? Not only can ravens be taught to speak, they’re dead clever.

And just because, enjoy this backlist post – #TellTaleTuesday with Beth Trissel & Red Bird’s Song

That’s all for today! Feel free to share news you’ve stumbled across – the more random and interesting, the better. And have a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to #ThreeForThursday | News That Made Me Trip

  1. Angelina T Justice says:

    Three for Thursday is awesome. If you ever posted these on FB, I never saw them in my feed.

    • K.J. Pierce says:

      I need to check my settings because I didn’t get any notifications of new comments. (which means it probably went to spam…) I don’t think I ever did Three for Thursday before, so they wouldn’t have be posted on FB. But I appreciate the kudos! xo

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