#MusicMonday | Into the Groove by Madonna

So, we’re nearly to the end of January, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like I’ve even remotely hit my groove yet. Despite the best planning and goal setting for the month, I’ve accomplished very little of what I’d intended.

Granted, my January plan included…

  • plotting 2 books
  • brainstorming ideas for my Etsy store
  • design 3 item and upload them for sale to said Etsy store
  • decide where else I’d like to list my items for sale
  • devise and implement my social media plan (which is currently in flux due to deactivating Facebook while I decide if I want to even keep it and starting from scratch on MeWe and maybe Parler, if it ever gets back up)
  • research contests and local theatres to see about doing something with my children’s play Bethany and the Belfry Bat
  • get my eating habits back on track after a full holiday season of indulging without judging myself.

Want to know how much I’ve accomplished? Not a whole helluva lot.

I don’t think my list is overloaded, although some may argue with me. My biggest hurdle is setting a schedule and sticking to it – I hate feeling boxed in which is how setting a schedule makes me feel. I was thinking the other day about it being a minor miracle I made it through both college and university, and so I might end up setting up something that looks more like a week of classes rather than a full workday.

Anyway, all of that brings me to today’s #MusicMonday selection – “Into the Groove” by Madonna. It’s actually one of my favorite songs (and probably my absolute favorite Madonna song) and what’s more perfect motivation for getting into my groove than a song about getting into the groove? 🙂

What do you do to get into your groove and keep yourself on track? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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