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FACT: Damien Wilcox was originally called Damien Lewis, until a friend reminded me there was, in fact, an actor named Damien Lewis.

FACT: Even though this picture of Edgar Allan Poe and Abraham Lincoln is fake (I believe it was in the novel Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), it makes me think of all the crazy stories tabloids come up with, but…

FACT: Lincoln was, in fact, aware of Poe, and apparently loved “The Raven.” The Poe Museum’s The Poe Blog has a short post – Lincoln Reads Poe.

Check out this back catalog post about how Yours Truly got its start (Yours Truly has been through a number of titles – From Poe to Know was title #2) – The Note that Started it All

Check out this interesting article from The Irish Times – “The Masque of the Red Red Death – Rediscovering Poe through prism of Covid-19”

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