#FollowFriday | or Where to Find Me Online

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I’m still sorting out where I want to be online, and for now my website and blog will continue to be my home base.

But, if you’d like to follow me elsewhere, here’s where you can:

MeWe – I’m still figuring out MeWe, but it gets updated whenever I update my blog, which, so far, has been daily. Not sure how long that will last.

Pinterest – I haven’t done much here lately, but I’ll be picking it back up.

Hubpages – I haven’t done much here, either, but I’m considering posting my book reviews there, as well as random articles that don’t quite fit on my blog. I have a few articles I wrote ages ago there, if you feel the urge to pop on over.  (NOTE: I get a little $$ from this site – that said, I’ve been trying to reach the cash-out threshold for years, so when I say “a little,” I mean a little.)

Amazon Author Page – my blog automatically posts there.

Goodreads – I haven’t done anything on Goodreads pretty much ever, but I’m there.

As time goes by and I figure out exactly where I want to be online, I’ll post a note on my website homepage. I can say that I currently don’t have any intentions of going back to Facebook or Twitter, or signing up for Instagram.

What do you think? Where are some online places you think writers should be these days? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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