#MusicMonday | Welcome to Paradise by Front 242

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Random Image of a concert which is not Front 242. 🙂 kjp Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

I can’t remember whether “Welcome to Paradise” or “Headhunter” was my first introduction to Front 242 – I also couldn’t decide initially which one to go with today, so I closed my eyes and pointed. Obviously “Welcome to Paradise” won… 🙂

Both songs, however, bring back some great memories – I’d moved down to Florida after high school and didn’t really know anyone. It took me a little bit. I first met Beverly McClellan (who you might remember from the first season of The Voice and who unfortunately passed away since – she was an amazing talent). We lost touch early on, and so I lay no claim of being friends after 199o or 1991. Through Beverly I met LF, who’s one of my best friends to this day. And both told me about JE, who I met after walking the neighborhood day after day waiting to catch a glimpse of him. (You didn’t often catch all black-wearing freaks out during the summertime heat in Florida… and I use “freaks” and an absolute term of endearment.)

It was JE who started me down the clubbing road – back before I even had a job and had to pay my first cover charge with rolled up change – and by extension the introduction to Front 242.

So, here’s to JE!

Happy Monday, y’all!


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