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One of the fun parts of writing in the paranormal/fantasy romance genre is playing ‘what if’.

‘What if’ the serpent who tempted Adam was really a female dragon?

‘What if’ the dragon was turned into a human after boasting she’d won a bet against God.

‘What if’ her progeny were gifted with the ability to shift into dragons and wield magic?

‘What if’ one powerful witch casts an enchantment to save the lives of her daughters?

Thus, the Eden’s Dragon series was born. I also believed setting the story in The Worlds of S.E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico would be exciting. Susan may have created this world, but she opened it up for other authors to write in it. I’ve published a number of novellas set in Magic, New Mexico.

I write about soul mates/fated mates, a theme I carry throughout my different series. The daughters come to life once a year from their enchanted dragon figurine forms. If within the 24-hour period they find their soul mates, the enchantment ends. Their mother believed that only with their fated mate beside them they can defeat the Brethren.

Within the bloodline, only the females can shift. The male lineage fearing the power the females can wield have sworn an oath to destroy them. Each year, a member of the Brethren goes after each of the enchanted daughters. Only in their human forms can the female descendants of Eden’s Dragon be killed.

Each novella within the series tells the story of one of the sisters, their mate, and how they battle the Brethren. You will be carried away by the romance and chilled by the intrigue.

In the opening scene of ‘Crystal Enchantment’, I had the diligent lion shifter Randall Flando working late on Halloween night. He isn’t interested in going to any parties, even though a jaguar shifter has provided him various signs related to her interest in him.

He’s about to call it a night when a naked woman appears before him. His attraction to her is immediate until she opens her mouth. A strong willed female is the last thing he wants. She laughs in his face when he accuses her of shoplifting. Hint: She’s naked. It’s just the beginning of the battle of wills for this fated pair.



Eden’s Dragon, not a serpent, tempted Adam into biting into the apple. The male offspring of the original female dragon shifter, the Brethren, vowed to rid the world of their seductress sisters. Fearing for the lives of her daughters, a mother casts an enchantment to transform her offspring into dragon figurines. One day each year, the daughters materialize. If in the twenty-four-hour period they find their true mates, the enchantment will end. For only with their powerful mates by their side will the female descendants of Eden’s dragon defeat the Brethren.

At midnight on Halloween in Magic, New Mexico, a crystal dragon figurine once again takes her human form. A lion shifter from a parallel dimension claims her as his own. If they are true mates, the enchantment will end and together they will face the danger that has plagued the women for centuries.



Chapter 1

The mayhem of Halloween in Magic, New Mexico, had transitioned from the youthful, costume-wearing trick-or-treaters to adults losing their inhibitions for one night each year. Little did the tourists know the vampires, witches, and other supernatural creatures they partied with were the real deal.

Randall Flando had come from a parallel dimension of shifters and still reveled in Magic’s varied population. He found his new world refreshing with the tolerance and welcoming attitudes of its citizens. The closed-minded ways of his former home’s elders caused many of the younger feline shifters to follow the jaguar alpha Danyal to this realm.

 “Why don’t you go out and join the others, Randy?” He cringed at the nickname his alpha’s mate Pati always used when she addressed him. “That outfit Lara is wearing might as well be an invitation into her bed.”

Lara LaRue did not bother to hide her desire to have him. She did not possess a subtle bone in her perfect body. The more Lara came on to him, the more undesirable she became in his eyes.

He looked into Pati Zabare’s green irises—jaguar eyes. “It is not my scene. I figured tonight presented the perfect opportunity to deliver the new cabinet to the shop. The glass doors can be locked to prevent anyone’s sticky fingers from taking any of your more expensive items for sale.”

Instead of continuing to converse with the short blonde, he returned his attention to setting up his latest project. He hoped she would get the message and join her mate at whatever party they would attend. His concentration focused on setting up the hinges for the glass panel just right, allowing it to close perfectly and be locked.

The occasional tourist who attempted to shoplift would be quickly discovered by the supernatural shop workers. With a store full of jaguar shifters, the slightest change in a customer’s rate of breathing or scent would quickly be detected.

“I have just the item.” Pati reached into an open box, pulled out a crystal figurine and placed it on the counter. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

He focused on the six-inch crystal dragon. Describing it as beautiful did not do the piece of art justice. The little light illuminating the room shimmered off the dragon’s wings. A master must have sculpted the piece because it looked poised to take flight any minute.

He took the object and held it in his large hands. “She is warm. I would have thought the crystal would be chilled by your tendency to lower the air-conditioning below anyone’s comfort level.”

Pati shrugged, discounting his usual complaint. “With all the overheated male jaguar shifters who work here, I had to do something to protect our female customers.”

His alpha’s mate always tried to get a rise out of him. Tonight, the focus of his concentration had been on his latest work and now on the figurine. Pati would have to find another way to amuse herself.

Randall ran his finger down the dragon’s scales. How had the artist managed to sculpt the gradation of the wings? He could feel the texture of each individual scale.

“How much are you selling her for?” he asked. Until this point, he had not used his employee discount for anything frivolous.

Nothing in this world or the one he had left had ever excited him as this little figurine did. Carpentry was his one passion, but he gave away or sold all his works. His apartment stood bare, free of anything that defined him.

For whatever reason, the figurine spoke to him. He felt an overwhelming need to possess the object.

Pati’s probing eyes examined him. It felt as if she searched for secrets he kept protected within his soul.

“She’s yours,” Pati said. “It’s nice to see you passionate about something. If you went out more, you’d make friends. Maybe you should give Lara a chance.”

Pati tried to fix something that was not broken. He lived his life the way he wanted, not by someone else’s design. If and when he found the right woman, he would know. His life would change forever once he joined with his mate.

Forcing relationships to fit particular parameters would be senseless. It would never morph into true happiness. Goodness knows, his father’s efforts never satisfied his mother. They had not been true mates.

“Thank you, Patience.” He always used his alpha mate’s full name when addressing her. Since no one else called him Randy, he felt it only appropriate he use the more formal name no other pride member used. In his mind, she was Pati, his little sister. “You should join Danyal. I will finish installing the second glass door and then call it a night.”

Randall sighed with relief after she left. He wanted the piece to be perfect. Pati put so much energy into determining what to purchase for future sales. His use of beveled glass would magnify the objects within to perfection.

He wanted to please Danyal and Pati. They had taken him in and gave him the freedom to follow his love of carpentry. He maintained a position on the outskirts of the pride. His physical strength negated him playing the role of an omega. Danyal pushed him to take a leadership role, grooming him to one day replace him. But it did not feel right. He never considered himself a future alpha. He was the only lion in a pride of jaguars.

As usual, he became obsessed with his work. He transitioned into a zone where nothing else existed but the materials, his tools, and his hands. It could be hours before anything breached his consciousness. During these times, he experienced contentment.

A change in the density of the air disturbed his concentration. Only a supernatural being would have noticed the difference.

He turned to see a naked woman standing to his left. Her copper tresses covered her breasts, but he knew they were plump and substantial. He licked his lips, eager to taste them.

His gaze traveled upward. Her lips were full, awaiting his kiss. Lion shifters had fair complexions. This woman possessed a light olive skin tone. To his surprise, her eyes were amber, similar to his own.

“Stop gaping and get me something to wear,” she commanded.

Whatever spell he had been under dissolved with her terse delivery. At that moment, she reminded him of his mother. The would-be-female alpha had never been satisfied with her station in life, let alone her husband or their children.

Randall did not know a lot, but he knew this woman meant trouble. All sorts of trouble. While his mind wrestled with the impact she already had on him, his body warmed at her proximity.


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Author Bio

When Evelyn Lederman retired from her career as an insurance executive, she cheerfully anticipated the freedom to finally spend as much time reading as she’d always wanted. The twist in her story came when as-yet unwritten characters started cropping up in her thoughts, asking her to tell their stories. Thus, The Worlds Apart series was born. Now, she spends her days in Florida on the beach…with her laptop.

Evelyn is the author of the fantasy romance The Worlds Apart series, paranormal romance Nightshade Saga, The Laurent Blood Legacy, The Shifters of Eclipse series and science fiction romance The Outer Worlds Passion trilogy. She initially explored the science fiction genre in the Young Adult Zaratan Trilogy. Evelyn also writes in The Worlds of S.E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico.

She loves writing escapism, taking her readers to worlds they couldn’t travel to otherwise.

Evelyn’s Online Playground

Website: https://www.evelynlederman.com


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