Oh, the Randomness | Dorian Gray the Cat

So… this is my very own Mr. Dorian Gray – who’s 16+ and who had a tooth pulled yesterday. I was super worried about the anesthesia given his age, but he did just fine and now he’s on soft food and painkillers for a week or so to give his gum time to heal.

He’s currently hiding under the bed since his morning meds have taken effect.

No reason for post this except to share the joy. I was an absolute wreck yesterday.

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend, to those of you who celebrate.

As an aside, if you’ve never read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, I highly recommend it. You can get it free from the Project Gutenberg site (linked above – they also appear to have an audio version available) and you can probably find free versions on the major retailers.

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