Bethany and the Belfry Bat

Bethany and the Belfry Bat is a 65-70 minute, one-act fairy tale, more Grimm than Disney. The crux of the tale centers around Bethany’s and Boris’ friendship which assists them in negotiating their maltreatment at the hands of Bethany’s Aunt Fionaugh and her tortuous daughters, the triplets Faye, Faylinn, and Fayre. It appears the Family F will receive their karmic payback upon the return of Bethany’s father, Basil, and his new bride, Bronwyn, but Bethany ultimately discovers that appearances can be deceiving.

As written, Bethany and the Belfry Bat calls for one adult male, two adult females, four female children, and one bat (either) and is intended for elementary school audiences.  All characters can be portrayed by either high school students or by adults.  Additionally, the triplets can be portrayed simply as sisters.  While the children’s ages are all listed as 10-years-old, any age can be substituted.

Optioning inquiries can be made through the contact page.

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