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#MondayMorningMusic – Golden Girl by The Bibles

Many moons ago, when I was working on my BA at Agnes Scott College – right about the time my health started going all wonky, as it turns out (hindsight, and all) – there was one semester when Cactus Girl … Continue reading

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#MondayMorningMusic – Lucretia My Reflection by The Sisters of Mercy

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life. Some, like INXS (before Michael Hutchence passed away) and Depeche Mode, I’ve seen multiple times. Others, I’ve only seen once. This is one of the latter. And, sadly, it’s also … Continue reading

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Do Crushes, Grammar (and Bald Heads) Make Me a Writer?

True Story. Way back in the day, when I was attending college just outside of Atlanta (shout out to Agnes Scott College and the Black Ring Mafia), 99x was the station to listen to. Every summer for a number of … Continue reading

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